Posted 5 months ago

so yesterday i tried to buy the cheat i paid 4 times with my paypal.

each time i tried to pay the site would give me error.

could i get refunded for the other 3 times?

thanks in advance

Posted 5 months ago

what is your email,full name and transaction id ?


Posted 5 months ago

I've emailed Cam about it, he'll refund you soon enough. 

Posted 5 months ago

thanks guys for help

as u can see i paid 4 times :/ could i get refund for 3x times?

Posted 5 months ago

how to download the loader for apex

Posted 4 months ago

its been 2-3 weeks wheres cam?


Posted 4 months ago

He is here for days, you can come our discord and get support easily.


Posted 3 months ago

Discord is your best bet

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