CoD BO3 Menu Guide

Posted 5 months ago

Open/ Close Menu - Melee (default- V)
Menu Next - Reload (default- R)
Menu Prev - Use (default- F)
Menu Page - Lethal (default- G)
Menu Select - Jump (default- Space)

Other Keybinds:
End Game (offhost) - F2
Force Host - F3
Disable Cryptokey Spawner - F5
Enable Cryptokey Spawner - F6
Force Start Game - F7
Write default stat file (stats.json) - F9
Dump combat record - F10
Map Restart - Insert
End Game - End
NoClip - NumPad+

Force Host Usage:
A. Press F3 while at the menu screen (before joining a lobby)
B. Listen for a high frequency beep to know if the setting was enabled
C. Search for a game and press 'F7' to load the map

Dump Combat Record Usage:
A. Create a new folder in the same folder as the menu called "stats".
B. Find the profile with the stats you want to dump and open their combat record
C. While looking at their combat record, press F10. This will create two files in the t7 folder (steam installation) containing the user stats. The files will be named 'x-stats.json' and 'x-stats-zm.json' where 'x' refers to the user ID of that user

Map DLC:
THE GIANT MAP -!89RCzYJC!xVytiolwHJ4DUO32g8NxXEgPpuAXUqrfuuBgZuoeja0

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