CoD MW2 Mod Menu

Posted 6 months ago

CoD MW2 Mod Menu

Lobby Tool Binds:

F1 to open the console. (Note: the console displays no output, but a lot of dvars can still be set. (r_fullbright 1, r_fog 0, cg_thirdperson, etc.)

F2 to open game setup menu

F3 to force start the game (Note: all party players will join the spectator team. Change team using F5)

F4 to toggle force host F5 to toggle privatematch/publicmatch. (Note: switching to private match allows you to change team. I recommend changing team before players start or after all players have connected (otherwise random joiners will join the spectator team))

F6 to change maxplayers between 12 and 18

In- Game Binds:

NumPad Add - NoClip

Insert - Restart Map

End - Exit Level

Best way to start the game as host:

  1. Press F3 to toggle force host and begin searching for a match
  2. Press F1 to open the console and write the following command: "set party_minplayers 1;party_teambased 0"
  3. Quickly type "set party_teambased 1" and press enter after the map begins to load

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