How to purchase with Stripe (US).

Posted 7 months ago

I will be teaching you the best way to purchase using Stripe. Some of you may be worried about keeping your information safe, and with this guide, I will assure you that it will remain that way.

First thing you need to do is create an account here:
Privacy lets you link your bank to their site and create as many virtual debit cards as you want. This is perfect for keeping your information safe, as you have free reign over these cards. You can make them single-use, have a spending cap or monthly cap; delete them whenever you wish and not have to worry about anyone maliciously using that card.

Once you’ve made your account and have created the virtual debit card you want to use, you may use Stripe as usual. You are instead using the virtual card’s information rather than your own during purchase. Just like a debit card, in a few days, the payment will be taken out of your bank account, usually under the name “Privacy” something or other.

Soon I will update this guide to explain how to use Bitcoin.

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