CoD MW3 Mod Menu

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CoD MW3 Mod Menu

Menu keybinds
Open/ Close Menu - Melee (default- V)
Menu Next - Reload (default- R)
Menu Prev - Use (default- F)
Menu Page - Lethal (default- G)
Menu Select - Jump (default- Space)

Other Keybinds:
Open console - F1
Private match settings - F2
Start private match - F3
Force Host - F4
Change team - F5
Change maxplayers between 12 and 18 - F6
Map Restart - Insert
End Game - End
NoClip - NumPad+

Lobby Tool Binds (explained):
F1 to open the console. (Note: the console displays no output, but a lot of dvars can still be set. (r_fullbright 1, r_fog 0, cg_thirdperson, etc.)

F2 to open game setup menu

F3 to force start the game (Note: all party players will join the spectator team. Change team using F5)

F4 to toggle force host F5 to toggle privatematch/publicmatch. (Note: switching to private match allows you to change team. I recommend changing team before players start or after all players have connected (otherwise random joiners will join the spectator team))

F6 to change maxplayers between 12 and 18

Best way to start the game as host:

  1. Press F3 to toggle force host and begin searching for a match
  2. Press F1 to open the console and write the following command: "set party_minplayers 1;party_teambased 0"
  3. Quickly type "set party_teambased 1" and press enter after the map begins to load

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