(Apex) Anti-cheat: Violation kick explained

Posted 8 months ago

This extensive breakdown of the Anti-cheat: Violation was written by one of our members, Trademark™, all the credit goes to him.

The “Anti-cheat: Violation!” error messages: This error is flagged on the account after performing multiple suspect stunts within a set timeframe. It is indeed a points-based system, and once you accumulate a set amount of points, you will get kicked with that warning message.

Some of the actions that flag this error message are:

  • Constantly lasering people back to back and DOWNING/Killing them
  • Snap aiming and lasering through smoke, caustic gas, etc. without a DT sight.
  • Shooting opponents out of the air, on ziplines, and while moving at high speeds
  • Long-distance lasering
  • Consistent headshots back to back. If you’re using aim assist, PLEASE use the “aim at torso” function.
  • Constant solo team wipes

Once you’ve accumulated a set amount of “Strikes,” you are auto reported and kicked from the game.

Proper settings to use/change as to not trigger this warning are as follows:

  • ALWAYS use VIS check
  • Set your FOV to 0.070 or smaller if you’re trying to stay undetected for long periods. The better your actual aim is, the longer you’ll go without violations
  • Avoid using the “Head” aim function. Torso has been proven to be miles safer
  • DO NOT USE “Snap to next target.”
  • If you see people running inside of buildings, etc. with ESP, don’t laser them the second they walk out of the door.
  • WAIT FOR YOUR TEAMMATES! Don’t just run up and start R-99/Flateline lasering people.

Getting reported and account flagged: This one was a lot harder to test and took almost all 10 of the 14 hours that I was able to keep full lobbies going. Here are some VERY general notes I have from my testing.

  1. APEX LEGENDS DOES NOT RECORD GAMEPLAY. PLEASE STOP SPREADING THAT! The way that the reports team gauges reports are by looking at raw data and metrics. Things like how many times you’ve been flagged by the anti-cheat engine, if you’re getting reported every game, your general accuracy, etc.
  2. Accounts that get banned outside of detection banwaves are getting banned because of things like your HWID has been flagged already, IP address flags, using spoofed accounts, etc.
  3. This next one is super important, and everyone needs to listen up. I have confirmed, 100% beyond a shadow of a doubt that if your account gets flagged and is pending review or your anti-cheat score is consistently high, YOU WILL NO LONGER BE ABLE TO SEE SPECTATORS!

This is one that I think everyone needs to hear. I tested this theory by getting together a lobby of 60 players from my Discord through three days of organized IP whitelisting, VPN to a low population region (NZ), and waiting in 20+ minute queues. Once we all got into a lobby, I began testing all of my theories concerning triggering anti-cheat. After getting Violation kicked from two games, I started to notice that I no longer had any spectators of any kind, even though I verbally had people telling me they were spectating me. I didn’t think anything of it at first, and I continued with my testing. Around 3 hours after noticing I couldn’t see spectators; my account was banned. Forty-five minutes later, I reset, hopped on another machine, made a new account, and I was on my way.

Next, I tested how many reports I would need before getting banned. Each game we played, I had five people report me under all of the categories. After we played about six games with five people each game reporting me, I signed off for the night, woke up the next morning and was banned. In total, 25 people reported me. That may seem like a lot, but it’s not in the grand scheme of things. Some of you guys like to go on 20+ killstreaks game after game after game and rack up hundreds of kills in a night. Only a fraction of those people (Around 25 within a short, undetermined timespan) need to feel like you cheated them enough to submit a report before it turns into a ban.

Multiple people have said this before, and I’ll reiterate. Stop playing like fucktards, and you won’t get banned. Stop holding W+Rightclick on full squads. Play like you have some skill. Miss some shots, go for high ground, try to flank and shoot them in the back once if they’re distracted. Try to hit shots while not ADS. Go for low kill high damage game. Let your teammates down and kill people. Simple things like that can prevent bans. If you’re playing like a tard and making it painfully evident that you’re cheating, expect a ban.

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